The hero

When the moon was coming

I saw the wolf passing

Through the grain slipping

I am in my control staying

I said to myself whispering

Why this creature like wolf came

What is wolf doing?

Answer me my beautiful kids

I wait and still thinking

Till the wolf came creeping

The cock's eyes were opening

The wolf came guessing

That he was almost disappearing

He was till slipping

Then he stood looking

The cock was then standing

He lowered the jar watering

The wolf was completely wetting

He ran with fearing

The cock disappeared at a moment

The wolf looked and gazing

The universe was all dark and silent

He dried himself and returned

The cock shouted at all guards

"Thief" there is thief stealing

They came all running

They were surrounding and hunting

Soon his clothes were tearing

He returned with deep feeling

That he can't came and robbing

He said "I was deceiving"

The cock was waking