the poor boy and the rich boy

The Poor boy and the rich boy

There was a boy

Looked in a way

That made hearts

Part away

His appearance was bad

He looked in a manner of poverty

He had a sense of honor

He loved and had no hate

Sense as he lived as he had

He was learned an important

Dream as you want

But want as in your hand

His life was continued

With peace without any sad

Suddenly all life was changed

Rich boy appeared

He got what he wanted

He had even the land

He was gotten in a mood

That made him had a lot

But he hated everyone appeared

In a happy or had at least

The reason to live in a mood

Of satisfy or happy to look

As he thought he was the first

But he had been sad

As he thought that poor made

All birds in the world sing

He ordered his servants to bring

All the birds and made them sing

They said the love only made him sing

The hate-filled his heart as a bad thing

He ordered the hunters to kill every flying

He wanted the poor looked sad

He wanted to see him in a manner of bad

The trees had been heard

The winds were told

The sun got anger and hate

When he and his hunters appeared

The winds blew every up

The air was filled with sand

The sand was hard rushed

Into the eyes that were opened

The men were blinded

The trees bowed their branches

They hurt them on their heads

They didn't move, they had lied

The earth branded

The winds blew up

They couldn't get up

The winds swirl hard

They swang them down and up

They lost their sense

They had no defense

The winds blew the men hard

The rays of the sun were contrasted

Over their faces and heads

The rich became very ill

He decided to leave

The winds return to move

In a calm way and in peace

the birds sang songs in peace

tier songs filled all the ears