the thief 14

The facing the jinn queen "2"
"I am the queen's assistance, the prime minister of the red kingdom and the prime minister of the world king in the future" The jinn aid
She said "you mean that when you beat the other kingdoms"
He said "yes of course"
The witch said "and it is assured, you will gain the victory!"
He said "that is not your business!. Now I come here to avenge from the killer, who killed the most faith jinn in our kingdom, and you know who the killer is?"
He looked angry at her and say" Why did you change your situation? Why do you leave our religion and entered a new religion? Why do you kill him? Our king promised you to build for you a great palace in the ocean and you will near him."
The witch said "complete his promises!"
The jinn said "no, there is no another promise"
She said "Didn't he promise me he will cure my daughter and he asked you if you can bring her a suitable medicine to cure her!"
She cried suddenly and said "you said this is as my daughter and I will take care her. I will try to, find her cure. She will marry our deputy prime minister"
The jinn said "Am I? I don't remember that and you can marry and born a new one!"
She said with loud laugh "is it easy to marry and get a daughter and son for an old woman. Can she get pregnant? Can she?"
He said" dear…, you did a great crime that deserves the same punishment. You must be killed"
He looked at her angry and said "what did say?"
She said "I did it as he obstructed my way"
He said "and you do enter a new religion?"
She said"How did you know?"
He said "it is so easy by the reports that were sent us and the aura that is around your face. It changed its color .when you believed of our devils it was dark and black .but when you change your religion the aura color change its color to be blue"
He said again" Now choose a way to kill you"
She said "you can't kill me so easy .I challenge you. I face you!"
He laughed loudly that the palace vibrated strongly .it tended to be parts"
The witch said "you can't do anything"
He laughed again made the deeper creatures feared and run away . She said "you must beat me first"
He said "poor and ugly woman .old and bad woman. Who can challenge me?"
He repeated loudly and called all the jinn ministers and the assistance .they came in speed. He repeated the same speech again" Who can challenge me?" At higher voice that make the water flew up higher .
He laughed and all his fellows laughed. He looked at her "what the prefer death to you .I can be a great snake and surround your small and thin body like that"
He converted to a big snake that filled the bottom ocean and surrounded her and squeezed her strongly. She felt as her spirit will get out. He bit her strongly made her scream loudly that took off all hearts .he put a poison in the incision of her mouth. It was seemed very harmful that made her screamed and cried. The attendant asked him for mercy.
He laughed again and said "yes I will be very kind. He let her and converted to a big lion .her head filled the down water. He said "now I can eat you with one bit .Do you agree to eat you."
Then he roared highly made some of the attendant got unconscious .he ran after her and bit her strongly that made her felt to bottom of ocean and screamed. She screamed loudly. He roared again highly and said "it is not suitable for you."

The facing of the jinn queen
The jinn looked at the dead and burned witch saying "Oh! Poor woman .if you wait for a while, you may get your wish .but all of you mankind was created of hurry.
Now the turn whom?" he looked right and left and said as he found the thief . the thief heart completely tended to chatter. It is pumped very loudly ,and moved very hurry.
He looked at the thief and turned his face with bad unfaithful smile and said "the turn is at whom?!"
He made his sound louder than any times before. He repeated his question" the turn is on whom?"
He looked at all presents and said "at you dearest hero "
Then he continued "What do you want to get dead my dearest."
He clapped his hands strongly and said "all wild and strongly sharks come here at moment"
Without late all wild sharks were gathered at the bottom in the front of the palace then they entered the suite where the thief there . they appeared their sharpest teeth. Then he said "they can cut you in small bits!"
He continued "look at this." He ordered all whales come!.
                                                                From east ,west come
                                                                From north or south ,come
                                                                 From deepest ocean come
                                                                 From higher surface ,come "
                                                                 From dark or light come"

                                                                  You will find a handsome
                                                                   Guy that is must been at once
                                                                    Bit and you will gain fun"
He clapped his hands .the ocean bottom filled with huge whales .he ordered the wild and fearing wilds octopus to be gathered .they all waited his order"
He looked at the thief and said "poor ,poooor boy . but you must gain your suitable death"
He continued and said "look you can be swirled ,you should be circled, like a big storm ," he made him swirled him strongly.                            
He said "look at these swirled person . then he said "you must be lift up and down"
He laughed and said "the swinger man ' and he laughed loudly made all feared" Ha,Ha haaa" and the ocean made strong waves.
He said "you don't deserve like that ,you deserve a suitable death like flying with planes .Yes ,big planes come here. See dear hero " the planes came under the ocean then he waked towards the thief who placed on the earth without movements and he take his breath as taking from a needle's hole .
He said "look my hero ,plane under the ocean flying ,up ,up then it flies to the sky meeting a flying octopus then disssssh ,scorched and eats by him"
He continued " a good death for a hero like you .is not ,is not "
He ordered the attendant "say to me . It is not not good ?"
He continued ordering "am I a smart? I must be that"
The jinn's thief friend said "dear sir , Can you ask my friend his last wish! To be more fair "
The jinn said "Fair that all right .Tell me your wish without mocking or you will be nothing " the jinn's friend approached and whispered say something of your holy book "
The thief collected his power and said in low voice "بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم" "
The friends jinn repeated it loudly
The big jinn said what does he say "
The thief said "means :"  In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful."
The thief said "الحمد لله رب العالمين"
The jinn repeated
The hief said "[All] praise is [due] to Allah , Lord of the worlds
The thief said "الرحمن الرحيم "
The jinn's friend repeated loudly                                                                                                                                                                         
 The big jinn said "stop that .stop that " he ordered his soldiers assistance and ministers to stop that and attack him
They said "sorry ,our lord we see what you see a big wall fire surrounded us .the easy way is escape ,run "
They all run without order that some of them obstructed each other
He said loudly "noooo ,wait for me ,the fire surrounded me completely ,it nearly burns me. Please one gives me a hand"
His voice like a thunder with echo that taking the hearing
The thief completed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
The big jinn interrupted "please ,stop ,stop that .What do you want ?"
The thief said "no wants ,except entering this small box"
He pointed for small box with five centimeters in wide, long and deep"
He said "noo ,it will be a shame for me ,for all red jinn"
The thief said" then I will let it burn you "
The jinn said "noo ,I will enter"
He entered hands all get very happy .
But the jinn queen entered the suite saying "what is going on?"