the new year

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Frosty the Snowman skiing and pulling a sled with Karen and her friend
Boy ,boy ,boy
The new year here
You must celebrate
Say to your mother
Say to your father
Happy new year
The things are covered
With new clothes appeared
With happy wishes said
Every one waited
The new year comes
To see the smiles covers
The lips says at happiness
Happy new year
You may wear new clothes
You may have new games
You may go to places
To have happy and fun
But remember some one
Boy as you are
Want to be happy here
Want to wear there
New clothes as you are
Tell you mother and say
Tell your father and say
The all world must be happy
The sad must be away
We must help each other
The poor must see
The new year comes
The smile must cover
He face with elegance
When he has a new cloth
When he has a game
When he goes to place
To smile as you are
He is a self ,and guy
You are the self and guy
The new year comes
We must be happy
We must say
We will celebrate all
With new year with fun
Photo: Have a Great Day!
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Pluto pulling a sleigh with Mickey and Minnie Mouse