The longest and the shortest day

The longest day in the summer
On twenty one of June
The shortest day in the winter
On twenty one of December
One may be asking
What is the important
To know that date?
It is for the power
Which gains by sun
To know it and calculate
How much you gain
To save and distribute
To know how can
Your cells be exposed
To the rays of the sun
To know for the dessert
If you wanted to go in
You must study the light
And know the time of night
To go on your way
It is also important
For the armed forces
To put their planes
For  beginnings and endings  
Their success attacks
In Egypt, and its ancients
Know the sun ways
They designed the temple
To make the sun exposed
At the second Ramses’ face
At his family members
His queen and son
At only two days