the brave and unity

There were a wolf and a dear

Fear appeared here

The dear wanted to run

The wolf wants to hunt

He faced the dear with hunger

He needed to eat

His hunger was stronger

He could not bear

He couldn't resist

The wolf got ready

He would be hurry

He would jump over eat

His teeth would met his meat

The hunger would be escaped

He would got satiety

He would run with happy

He would sleep safely

He would laugh completely

He would meet his friends

Jumping with great healthy

But there appeared the boy

He was hidden between the trees

He saw the wolf wanted to jump

He jumped to his face

He would put an arrow on wolf's eye

The wolf was very smart

He could get ride of this harm

He wounded the boy on his arm

He stood faced the dear

He jumped over his neck

The boy was still there

He jumped with arrow with his hand

He put it into the wolf's neck

The wolf became angry

He turned to the boy

He wanted to hurt him

The courage is like the infection

The dear felt with brave

The wolf jumped at the boy

The dear gave his hand

To the boy and hurt the bad

The wolf turned to the dear

The boy jumped at his neck

The wolf was in bad mood

He wanted to revenge of them

He wanted to jump again

They both united again

Till they reached the hill

He dropped down to the earth

The courage helped them

The unity saved them