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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The dream of a boy

There was a boy
Looked at the tree
The tree was for date
The date was big
It seems good
He tries to get up
He fell several times

He felt with hopeless
The scene was frustrate
He threw a stone
The thrown was short
He felt with fault
He asked for monkey
He entered a jungle
The jungle was green
The trees were big
The branches were convergent
The trees were awful
The moderate calm was there
There is also fig
He asked that confident
What have you seen?
If you want drink
The water is appeared
You can fill your stomach
There is dangerous here


Get back again


Monday, December 28, 2015

tales from my son 6

My son was crying
He was nervous and going
I said," why are you crying?"
He said with sad,
"The world fills with killing
Killing, killing at all sides
America looks us with ugly
They deals us as rubbish
It tells the others with foolish
She learned us killing
She took every thing
She gave us weapons
To kill ourselves
They let the terror grow
And said that you must know"
I got up in hurry
Put my hand over his tiny
Mouth saying with dismay
"Stop or go away
The world knows what you say
They want to say
Islam is bad and ugly
They want us to be busy
And sloughed of our beauty
What is our beauty?
Islam which is shiny
It is clean with clearly
They wanted to say
Islam is like that
Organize looking for kill
Who believe that?
I told you no talking
At the politics and saying''
He said,'' I am sorry
I have a new way
To get silk with funny!''
We said,'' Tell us, honey!"
I said,' we may publish in hurry
You will get a high salary
For your invent in worthy
He said, "We take every worm
Fumble on its
Singing lovely songs
And it will let us the silk
Or we make a strong agreement
No of them give silk
Other be a hulk
To maintain them in rank"
We all laughed
We said if it is
We do in ease"
He said,'' how do we make thread?' 


the thief challenges the impossible

ISBN-13: 978-1517599133 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 151759913X